IN ABSENTHIA - "Pilgrimage"

from by Doomed Online Zine



Music "Pilgrimage" from EP "Amongst the Lovers" by IN ABSENTHIA



I've been wandering among the lovers.../ A fragile man;/ a broken one;/ wrecked by disillusions and drained by the cold;/ but there's still a way home...
From the deepest part of me I've found (the key)./ Through the sea of lies my dream has gone and now I feel life.
Beware the demons of a serene mind!/ Crushing down your spirit: deceiver!
Morphing into dark, the color of life becomes helpful once again./ The choke of reality have strengthened the real perception of everything./ Piece by piece, the whole world will fall and turns into an abyss of soulless bodies./ Fear the living, not death; spread your wings for a sorrowful life, the real one...
Wondering your reasons to stay (among the lies)./ Falling down where hope is lost, alone... my tears gone by...
Beware the demons of a serene mind!/ Crushing down your spirit: deceiver!
Following the road to nowhere; following the perfume of an empty bottle;/ following the word of the kings of creation; worshiping the meaningless./ Your heart scream for answers, do not leave it behind you. Wake up!/ Every dream has an end, don't let them push you down. Wake up!
Walk with me, I'll be your guide through the cave of sanity./ Under the moon your future shall be drawn. Shine on you: a blessing from the stars!
Desolation; salvation; free will; It's really up to us!/ The end is near! The mankind fights for a shelter, humanity is an option.../ Make your way to the fountain of life, be the chosen one, the dark's invited you!/ The land you've been searching for is right here, in front of you, feel at home...


from D​.​O​.​Z Vol​.​1, released July 12, 2014



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Doomed Online Zine Brasília, Brazil


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